Romantic Weddings on Water

There is nothing more spectacular than a wedding onboard ‘Melbourne Showboat’.

Imagine cruising along the wooded foreshores of Kuringai National Park, studded with natural rock formations and waterfalls then mooring in a tranquil bay to exchange your vows encircled by the sounds and beauty of the bush.

Continue your Reception as you cruise the protected and calm waterways of Pittwater less than an hours drive north from Sydney.

Celebrate your wedding in comfort on board our stylish purpose built vessel for up to 100 guests. It has a spacious interior with panoramic windows allowing everyone to experience the magic of your surroundings and an upper deck under a sun protective canopy offering uninterrupted views across the water.

Find your own happy-ever-after and enjoy a day of pure bliss with the picturesque landscapes at one of Sydney’s most beautiful wedding venues – WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. Surrounded by vast parklands, ponds, and lakes, our space makes for the perfect wedding venue in Sydney. WatervieW offers the ideal setting for any occasion, whether you’re planning a private garden wedding or a grand celebration with your loved ones.

A Natural Backdrop for Your Special Day

Strike a lovely pose with your family and friends in the most unique wedding reception venue in Sydney. At WatervieW in Bicentennial Park, you’ll have endless style and design options to create an enchanting backdrop for your wedding. The vast parklands and stunning lake view at Bicentennial Park offers a breathtaking scene for your wedding photos.

A Spectacular Sydney Wedding Venue

At WatervieW in Bicentennial park, you can have the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. We’ll make the event as unique and enjoyable as possible, giving you a treasure trove of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Our wedding venue can be broken into six separate rooms,  featuring floor to ceiling windows to give you an open view of the parklands and lake. The venues also include large, wrap-around verandas, which make the perfect design for small yet elegant garden weddings.

Wedding Reception Choices for Your Celebration

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park offers an all-inclusive wedding reception package to give you a memorable celebration. We offer different menus to satisfy your guests as you enjoy a magical day at our venues. We have wedding reception packages for cocktails, luncheons, and dinner parties. To make your selection easier, our expert culinary team will be more than glad to help make the arrangements. Simply tell us what you need so our staff can start planning the perfect reception for your wedding.

Planning a Cruise Trip for a Corporate Event, Wedding or Christmas Party

Cruising may seem fun and exciting, but it takes a good plan to enjoy every moment of it. You need a proper plan especially if it is your first time. Here is how to go about it;

Choose a cruise line

Unless you have experience with cruising, approach a travel agency or an expert in the area for advice. It’s good to have a few cruise lines on your list so you can narrow it down to the perfect one. Also, find out which cruise ships offer extravagant experiences and have the right amenities.


What happens on a big ship is not the same as sailing in a small one. Therefore, familiarise yourself with ship sizes and what each of them offers. It will also help you manage your budget since each one of them comes with different prices, services, and accommodations. On top of that, you get to know the most popular cruise ships with highly experienced cruisers. Cruising does not happen every day. Therefore, you will be wise to know which ships are best for sea days and the seasons that are best for cruising.


A planned journey is better than doing things spontaneously. A well laid out schedule will help you complete your wish list and give you more time to explore and discover new things while cruising. For a first-timer, a travel agent can help you list down what to do and where to go, but if you are familiar with your destination, a simple timetable will ensure you have a fantastic moment.


Once you have chosen a cruise line and found the perfect cabin for your vacation, visit the ship a day before the trip begins. This is to confirm that your cabin is in order; there are no mistakes with the cruise lines and most of all, to familiarise yourself with the ship’s layout. Know where amenities are including the pool, fitness area, the dining section, the deck, entertainment area, and get to know the cruise stuff among other things.

A good plan will always give you a great outcome. Unlike other trips, cruising happens to be more sophisticated and fun with a lot of freedom to mingle, enjoy the ocean, experience and discover the world on a whole new level. All this and more mysteries can be solved by a simple yet well-laid out plan.

Have Fun at the Lady Cutler Melbourne Showboat

Every work day for you has been the same all around the year, but there is that one corporate meeting everyone is eagerly waiting for. It is different because you don’t have to work the whole day, but it is somehow the same. You have been holding parties at your workplace or the same venue time and time again but now it is time for a change. Why don’t you try a corporate cruise this time round and see if it will be a good experience?

Corporate cruises and Christmas cruses are the best with the Lady Cutler Melbourne showboat. When it comes to décor, we will do it according to your theme. If you have company colours or you have a specific theme for the party, we will handle the décor accordingly. Custom made décor is never a problem, and you will get exactly what you need.

When was the last time you had fun as a company with your workmates? If you have any kind of celebration as a company, the Lady Cutler will be here to make sure it is one of a kind. Perfect for the Christmas breakup party, a cruses on Christmas – why the hell not!? You obviously worked so hard to make sure you achieved as a company, and since you did, this is the time to celebrate. The same way you worked hard, celebrations will have to be amazing and absolutely fantastic. Entertainment aboard the Melbourne showboat is not limited, and we give you what you want. When it comes to food, we have top chefs on board to prepare any amazing meal you would like to gratify your taste buds with. We also have a bar on board the Lady Cutler Melbourne showboat. How cool is this? This is not like the average venue where you hold your corporate parties after work. This is a venue that gives you every kind of entertainment you want all in one place.

We have the best corporate cruises and we handle any kind of corporate event. Make sure your clients and employees are entertained and they fully enjoy any function you have on board the Lady Cutler Melbourne showboat. There is nowhere else you can get amazing food, entertainment, excellent atmosphere and presentation and various menu and bar packages on board. We are on the water specialists when it comes to all these services. If you have never gone for a corporate cruise, this is the time to do it in style on board the Lady Cutler Melbourne showboat.



Hiring a wedding planner

What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is an organizer who will not only accompany you and guide you from the moment you decide to marry until the end of that day. They will also personally customize all the preparations for the big day: from finding a perfect stylist for your bridal hairstyle to helping you in choosing floral arrangements or bridal bouquets, dancing and banquet organization.

Keep in mind that a wedding planner can perform different and very varied functions. Discover everything you can do for yourself and decide what kind of services best suits your needs.

The bride who has no time

If you are one of those who, because of lack of time, will not be able to do practically anything, a good idea is to leave the organization of the wedding in the hands of a wedding planner that offers you a complete package.

In this case, the wedding planner does absolutely everything, such as hiring different providers and planning the reception. He or she will help you with all the wedding preparations, starting by sending the invitations, finding that magical place for the ceremony and banquet, or providing ideas for decorating the place. In addition, it will advise you not to go over budget, take your personal agenda with the tests for the menu, makeup, and hairdressing, and supervise timing meticulous for the big day. Exploring more about what need to know for a good wedding preparations.

Help with decoration and props

A wedding planner can help you just with the decoration, a certain style and design the interiors and the overall aesthetic concept of your wedding. You can take care of the organization while the wedding planner will only deal with the subject of decoration. As in all cases, before hiring, notice their taste, because it is important that they match your own.

For more specific purposes

There are also “a la carte” wedding planners, which can assist you in specific topics. Often a bride cannot decide on that wonderful place to celebrate the ceremony, the perfect design for her invitations or can’t find the mermaid cut wedding dress she has always dreamed of. If you organize your own wedding and need timely help for a certain thing, this is the ideal service for you.

Whatever your final decision is, remember that having the help of a wedding planner will allow you to get rid of some tasks, something that is essential for brides with little free time. Is it your case? Everyone feels like having the help of someone who cares about such diverse topics as choosing the wedding details to surprise family and friends, choose that menu dream or decide the songs for weddings that you want to hear on the big day.